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Right to Information

Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005 mandates timely response to academician/research scholar/stakeholder requests for information. It is an initiative taken by Asiatic Society for Social Science Research (ASSSR) to provide a RTI Cell to the academicians/research scholars/stakeholders for quick search of information on the details of first Appellate Authorities, Principal Grievance Officer etc. amongst others, besides access to RTI related information / disclosures published on the web by various Public Authorities under the Asiatic Society for Social Science Research as well as it subsidiary alliance such as Centres/Divisions/Branches/Cells etc.

The Aims and Objectives of this centre are as follows:

  • The basic object of the Right to Information Cell is to empower our academicians/research scholars/stakeholders, promote transparency and accountability in the working of the ASSSR, contain corruption, and make our democracy work for the people in real sense;

  • It goes without saying that an informed citizen is better equipped to keep necessary vigil on the instruments of governance and make the ASSSR and its subsidiary alliances more accountable to the governed; and

  • The Cell is a big step towards making the academicians/research scholars/stakeholders informed about the activities of the ASSSR.

Mr. Prabira Sethy
Enforcement Officer
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