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Department of Research and Development

Department of Research and Development (R & D) has been set up to work with strategic planning and keeps track of all ASSSR institutional activities. The mission is to promote research-based activity on multiple platforms and to regulate their operation in a progressive manner. R & D will encourage research in the constituent units of the ASSSR through proper planning. It will be responsible for maintaining efficient communication with national MoU partners and implementing a well-designed research programme to support organizational development.

The Aims and Objectives of this centre are as follows:

  • To manage and promote the webinars, lectures, courses, workshops, etc. conducted by the constituent units of ASSSR;

  • To accept proposals on various programmes conducted by constituent units of ASSSR;

  • To approved and scrutinize the programme proposals of the constituent units of ASSSR before presenting for the final approve from the Executive Committee. 

  • To act as an in-charge of internship programmes and research programmes;

  • To act as an in-charge to regulating the effective functioning and transparency of all the affairs pertaining to the research and planning activities;

  • To assemble all event reports and data for record-keeping / archival purpose;

  • To act as an in-charge in effective communication of National Level MoU and its operations; and

  • To appoint research staffs, administrative officers, overall coordinators, etc. for the constituent units of ASSSR.

Head, R & D
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