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Institute of Governance and Public Policy

Institute of Governance and Public Policy (IGPP) has been set up with the mission to contribute to people friendly and citizen centric policy making and governance in an increasingly complex and challenging world. IGPP provides an opportunity to all the stake holders involved in the process of governance and public policy formulation, a platform for interdisciplinary research to enrich its quality. The vision of the IGPP is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for learning and research on Governance and public policy. The institute will serve as forum where the academic rigor blends with empirical evidence and the practical experience to promote the knowledge about processes of policy making and governance at the local, regional, national and international level. The objective of the institute is to contribute to the design and implementation of public policy by providing relevant policy inputs to the policy makers and planners. The institute will function as a spring board of purposive discourse on effective and equitable governance from the developing world view point. The institute interacts with informal, social institution and civil society organizations will create contested road map for good governance and effective public policy for all stratum of society in context of developing countries. The core objective of the IGPP is to equip the law makers, policy makers, researchers and academics with the knowledge and skill sets to address the public policy and governance challenges of the developing world.

The Aims and Objectives of this Institute includes:

  • To orient the culture of governance and policy making on the basis of values of ethics, individual morality, righteousness and truth;

  • To reach out the unreached on issues related to governance and public policy through research and state of the art teaching;

  • To identify areas and issues on relating to governance and public policy and to promote research to strengthen;

  • To create networking among scholars, policy makers, policy professionals, and people engaged in governance for a meaningful dialogue and cooperation;

  • Documenting of research materials in the domain of governance and public policy;

  • To strengthen learning and training on governance and public policy matter, effective and new pedological tools to be developed;

  • To promote debate and discourse on governance and public policy, avenues will be created through organizing seminars, symposium, conference, and webinars;

  • To strengthen research in the fields, book, newsletter, and research papers will be published; and

  • Last but not the least, the institute will run academic programs in the field

Head of the Departments

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