First International Conference



Special Theme: Fashion Flows in Indian History

Asiatic Society for Social Science Research (ASSSR) invites Researchers, Scientists, Archeologists, Historians and Social Scientist to send their abstracts for this conference. The conference will be held from January 08 - 09, 2022 in Virtual Platform.
The conference is aiming to ease up the academic endeavors and to disseminate the new genres of researches on historical realms during this macabre pandemic situation. Minding the present scenario of Covid-19 pandemic; Asiatic Society for Social Science Research (ASSSR) has decided to execute the conference virtually using Zoom platform.

ASSSR's First International Conference provides a wonderful opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge and share new research trends, findings and contributions in the field of History and Archaeology. The conference will feature renowned speakers from the universities around the globe who are experts in History and Archaeology.

This conference will provide a great platform to highlight recent historical contributions, archaeological discoveries, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offer alternative viewpoints and explanations of science, history and archaeology around the globe.
The main objective of this conference includes:
  1. Providing a platform for academicians, research scholars and students to contribute towards the vision of the conference with blend of the experience;
  2. Fostering the analytical skill in the core and non-core domain of the participants;
  3. Contributing towards the pool of the resource knowledge, ideas to carve its niche; and
  4. Providing an opportunity to all participant for networking and collaboration in future research object.

There are six sections in the conference, where papers will be presented simultaneously:

I. Ancient World History
II. Medieval World History
III. Modern World History
IV. Archaeology
V. Contemporary World History
VI. Indian History (Special Theme).

Once the abstract is shortlisted. The following additional points should be borne in mind, while submitting papers:
  1. Paper (one soft copy) written in English only should be sent to Mr. Ashu J <>. The text of the paper must be word-processed, one and half line spaced, with references to be similarly spaced and put at the end of the paper. Please do not send the paper in PDF format.
  2. Word limit: 3500 words (including end notes).  Any paper exceeding this limit will not be eligible for inclusion in the Proceedings.
  3. References should be numbered continuously through the whole paper (not per page).
  4. In references to printed books, the conventional system should be used: Name of the author, Title of the book, Publisher, and the Place and Year of publication, in that order. Well-known abbreviations for journals, e.g., JIH, JASB, JRAS, EI, IHR, IESHR, JESHO, should be used without further explanation of the abbreviation. Use of forms like 'ibid.', 'op.  cit.', is recommended for saving space in the Notes.
  5. Transliteration should be uniform and according to any one of the standard systems. Diacritical marks should be provided in papers for Sections I and II.
  6. If maps, diagrams, and photographs are furnished, these should be limited in number, and be in such form as to be ready for printing.

  • A printed List of Papers will be made available online to delegates at the session. While every attempt will be made to include in the printed volume of Proceedings all papers recommended for publication by the Sectional Presidents and referees, problems of space may limit the selection, as well as editing and reduction in length of individual papers. Members are requested to kindly bear with this.
  • Academicians / ASSSR Member / Students are requested to submit their papers online by November 30, 2021. Papers received later cannot be included in the List of Papers of the session. Papers received till November 30, 2021 will get precedence and will be accommodated on the first two days of the session. Papers received after the last date fixed will be listed separately and will only be accommodated on the last day, if possible. More than one paper by a member would not be admissible in the same Section.
  • Paper presented in the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings published by ASSSR, New Delhi, India.